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Annual General Meeting 2020


How to join the Online AGM?


  • The Online AGM will be conducted via ZOOM.

  • If you do not have the ZOOM app, please download the app from

  • Set up your account as per your Name in the membership listing.

  • Use the same email as the one you have submitted to the church.

  • An email will be sent to you to REGISTER for the Online AGM.

  • If you DID NOT REGISTER, you will not be able to join in the Online AGM. (No registration will be entertained on the actual day.)


If you have registered to attend the Online AGM on 20 June 2020 (Saturday):

  • You will receive a Meeting ID and Meeting Password at 8am on that day via the email you have submitted earlier.

  • Admission will commence from 9am onwards until 10.15am.

  • After 10.15am, the meeting will be locked (which means no one can join the meeting after that).


If you have problem with downloading the ZOOM app or joining the ZOOM meeting, you can call the HELPDESK below:

They will assist you in whatever problem you are encountering with regards to ZOOM.


  • 线上年度会员大会将以ZOOM应用程序进行。

  • 如果你没有ZOOM应用程序,请从这链接下载

  • 根据会员通讯录中的姓名设置你的户口

  • 使用同一个你所提供给教会的电邮

  • 教会将以电邮的方式发出线上会员大会的邀请

  • 如果你没有注册,你将不能参加线上会员大会(当天将不接受任何注册)



  • 你将会在当天上午8.00从你所提供予教会的电邮收到会议用户名字和密码

  • 进入会议的时间将从上午9.00至10.15。

  • 上午10.15过后,会议将被锁定(这意味着在此之后,没有人可以加入会议)




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