Camp-ference 2021

Revival, Renewal & Depth

Dates: 4-6 June 2021 (Friday Night – Sunday Noon)
Venue: Watch Parties

(Groups of 5 gathering at someone's home or in church)
Speaker: Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon

Image by trevor pye

Take stock of your life 

It is easy to get into a rut when personal Christian life and the life of the Christian community become jaded due to various factors such as distraction, neglect, and busyness. Amid the hustle and bustle of life and its numerous demands, there is a longing in our hearts to experience a revival in our hearts, where the dying embers of the Christian life are revived to glow with fresh fire. How can this happen? The four talks in this series will explore four dimensions of our lives as a Christian community that can help us experience revival and depth in our relationship with God, among ourselves and with a needy world. We shall use four Latin/Greek words that will help us to understand this.

Please read through the frequently asked questions before proceeding with your registration. Thank you.


Camp-ference FAQs

How will the Camp-ference be done?

In view of COVID-19 situation, we will be organizing the Camp-ference in a hybrid model. As we are limited in the number of people we can have on-site, we are encouraging you to form your own watch parties (e.g. within CGs or among your friends) and gather in homes, in accordance with the stipulated Safe Management Advisory, to participate in the sessions and discussions. Do take this opportunity to fellowship and lunch together. CGs are also encouraged to invite non-CG members into your groups for the sessions. There will be four sessions for the Camp-ference:
Session 1: Coram Deo: Towards a Deeper Experience of God (Isaiah 6:1-8) Date & Time: Friday 4 June, 8-9.30pm Mode: Individually online. Watch party leaders, CGLs and church staff and council to attend in church. Session 2: Koinonia: Towards Deeper Relationships in Small Groups (Colossians 3:12-17) Date & Time: Saturday 5 June, 9am-12pm* Mode: Watch Parties and Individually Online Session 3: Ecclesia: Unity in Community (Ephesians 4:1-16) Date & Time: Saturday 5 June, 2-5pm* Mode: Watch Parties and Individually Online Session 4: Missio Dei: The Missional Church (Matthew 28:16-20) Date & Time: Sunday 6 June, 9am-12pm* Mode: Watch Parties and Individually Online *On-site arrangements for sessions 2, 3, and 4 will be prioritized for groups that need a place to host or groups with young children. (Limit of 100 pax on-site)

I would like to join the Camp-ference online and participate in the group discussion via Zoom. How will it be done?

There will be two links - one YouTube and one Zoom - sent to your registered email before the camp-ference. Please use the YouTube link to attend our live sessions, and then log in with the Zoom link to participate in the group discussions. Groupings for discussions will be randomised and in 3 - 4 pax per group.

Who can attend the Camp-ference?

The Camp-ference is open to all regular worshippers in The Bible Church, Singapore. Friends of our regular worshippers are also welcome to join online and form their own watch parties, in accordance with the stipulated Safe Management Advisory.

How do I register for the Camp-ference?

The registration is to be done individually. Please indicate the names of people in your watch party and put an asterisk * beside the name of your watch party leader.

Is there a concurrent children's program?

Yes, there will be KFC programs for our KFC kids only for Saturday and Sunday sessions. If you are having a watch party at home, you are welcome to drop your kids in church for the KFC sessions. KFC will be closed from 12-2pm. Please note that lunch is NOT provided.

Is there any cost for the Camp-ference?

There will be no cost involved for joining the Camp-ference.

What are the roles of watch party leaders?

Watch party leaders are to organize and inform their participants how and where they will be meeting. They are to lead their group in the discussions.

What are the roles of watch party hosts?

Watch party hosts are those who opened their homes to host their group.

How about worship services for that weekend?

The Camp-ference will replace the worship services for that weekend.