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Covid-19 Advisory 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

From the Book of Revelation, we learn that God is still in control, no matter what. When all is said and done, Jesus wins! We are encouraged by your decision to continue worshipping God notwithstanding the current situation. As we gather in groups of different sizes, your health is on our minds and in our prayers.


Please rest at home if:

  1. you feel unwell, have a temperature above 37.6C or a sore throat or cough or runny nose etc.

  2. you or a member of your household are still serving a Leave of Absence in connection with Covid-19.

Ministry Activities
  1. English & Chinese Worship Services, Teenacity Youth Service & Discipleship Groups and Kids For Christ Programmes organized on weekends will continue as planned.

  2. CARE Groups may meet at their own discretion.

  3. For all ministry gatherings, the organizers must (a) conduct temperature screening and (b) keep a list of attendees and their contact numbers should there be a need for contact tracing.

  4. Please refer to the Health Advisories on the MOH website and be guided accordingly.


Temperature Check & Declaration
  1. On weekends, we will conduct temperature screening for everyone at the porch as you enter the building. This will be done in partnership with Mount Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church. If you leave the building, you will be screened upon re-entry. Please use the designated entry and exit points.

  2. Every worshipper must fill in a declaration form for contact tracing purposes. The form is available through a QR code at the entrance of the sanctuary / chapel. Hardcopy forms are also available. 

  3. Our volunteers will be wearing masks as they will come into contact with hundreds of people. 


Arrival in Clementi Bible Centre (CBC) for Worship Services
  1. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before service starting time, to allow time for queueing.

  2. If you are driving, please avoid dropping your passengers off at CBC unless you are dropping off young children or the elderly or those with limited mobility. One lane of the drop-off point will be cordoned off in view of temperature screening at the porch.

Feel free to request the pastoral team for prayer if you have been affected by Covid-19, directly or indirectly.

Continue to pray for all persons and nations affected (Psalm 91; Ephesians 6:18; James 5:15; 3 John 2).


Council & Staff of The Bible Church Singapore

14 Feb 2020

冠状病毒-19 指引





  1. 如果您体温在摄氏37.6以上,或感觉喉咙痛、咳嗽、感冒等等。 

  2. 如果您或您的家人在新型冠状病毒疫情下被指定请缺席假。

  1. 在周末举行的中英文崇拜,少年崇拜、少年小组以及儿童主日学等活动照常进行。

  2. 关怀小组可自行决定是否继续聚会。

  3. 所有事工聚会,负责人必须执行体温检测和记录出席者名字及电话号码,以便在需要时供追踪用。

  4. 请参阅卫生部网站所提供的健康指引作为指标。


  1. 逢周末,我们将和笃信圣经长老教会迦密山堂合作,在入口处为每一位进入教会的人进行体温检测;就算离开再返回,您还是需要再次被检测体温。请使用指定的出入口。

  2. 每位出席崇拜的会友务必填写申报表以供追踪联系用,您可以扫描圣殿和崇拜厅入口处的二维码在线上填写,或使用教会提供的表格填写。此表格必须在进入教会建筑后才能填写。

  3. 我们的义工因需接触多人所以会带上口罩。


  1. 请在崇拜开始前的15分钟抵达,因为需要排队检测体温和填写申报表格。

  2. 若是您有开车,请避免驶入CBC,除非您需要让行动不便者、年长者或年幼的孩童上下车,因为其中一条车道将会被征用来检测体温。






Sunday services



via Facebook

A LIVE telecast of the service will be streamed on Sunday.

​中文崇拜会 早上8点45分

English Service at 10.45am.

NOTE: If you do not have a facebook account,

you can log in using the following:

User ID:

Password: jesusloves



Your help will be greatly appreciated in the following:

Greeters on weekend services.

Others, for eg donate mask, sanitizer etc

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