Covid-19 Advisory 

Dear members and friends of The Bible Church, 

Suspending Sunday English Service 1 & Chinese Service 2
In accordance to the latest advisory from MCCY on 5 May 2021, we are required to adhere to the following revised measures

(for 8-30 May 2021):

1.    Decrease in capacity for congregational worship services from 250 to 100 pax, without the need for pre-event testing (PET). 

2.    No congregational singing by worshippers (Live worship leading may continue).

3.    Use of Trace Together only Safe Entry (Phone App or Token) for Safe Entry Check-in from 17 May.


Currently, there are overlaps of timings for our Sunday services:

(1) Chinese Service 1: 8-9 am
(2) English Service 1: 8.30-9.45am
(3) Chinese Service 2: 9.30-10.30am
(4) English Service 2: 10.15-11.30am


Because of the overlaps, we are at 200 pax, in 4 bubbles, even though they are at 2 locations.

For this reason, as well as to help reduce the footfall to reduce the risk of further transmission, we have decided to suspend English Service 1 and Chinese Service 2 for the next 4 Sundays (8 – 30 May). 


If you have reserved tickets for ES1 & CS2 on 9 May, please join us for our Online Services (available from 5.30pm on Saturdays) or sign up for the Saturday Service (5.30pm) or Sunday Service 2 (10.15am). 


For the subsequent weeks, all reservations shall be reset and open for bookings on each Monday before the weekend, on a first come first served basis. We are suspending the alternate weeks arrangements for the next 4 weeks.


Teenacity and KFC will continue as per normal, with no change. The staff will connect with KFC parents separately. 

We are aware of the inconvenience caused,  but we do seek your understanding in the light of the evolving COVID19 situation. Please continue to pray for the situation to improve, and for God's protection over us all. 


Senior Pastor Beh Soo Yeong
6 May 2021

Sunday services



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A LIVE telecast of the service will be streamed on Sunday.

​中文崇拜会 早上8点45分

English Service at 10.45am.

NOTE: If you do not have a facebook account,

you can log in using the following:

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Password: jesusloves



Your help will be greatly appreciated in the following:

Greeters on weekend services.

Others, for eg donate mask, sanitizer etc