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A- Neighbour


(with the church)

How can I be involved?
(outside West Coast)

Three Forths

Migrant Workers


Volunteers’ involvement

  1.  Participating in one-off services (e.g. Easter, Christmas)

  2. “KOPI with the Migrant Brothers"

  • Visit and befriend migrant brothers in “adopted dorm” 1x per month

Involvement of wider church

  1. Participation in ad-hoc services/events/outings

  2. CGs or individuals to join core group "KOPI with the Migrant Brothers" befriending on an ad-hoc basis

Green Paper Structures


Gladulios Place

At risk Teenage Girls

Volunteers’ involvement

  1.  “Loving Gladiolus” - 6 month period (renewable)

  • Do baking or having craft session with  the girls 1x a month (2nd Saturday) 

  • Befriending Gladiolus girls through the sessions

Involvement of wider church

  1. Bringing on board a larger group of volunteers to bake and befriend

  2. Participation in one-off activities:

  • Craft sessions

  • Refreshing Gladiolus

(within West Coast)

Weekly Devotion on every Friday

Volunteers can help to befriend the elderly, chit chat with them or even pray with them. 

You can also volunteer to serve as:

1. Song Leader - To lead a 20 to 30 minutes singing session for the elderly. The elderly loves to sing. We have a data base of songs for you to choose from or you can introduce new song and teach the elderly to sing.

2. Translator: To Translate the Devotion sharing into English or vice versa, depend on the preacher is preaching in Mandarin or in English.

Clementi Woods Kindergarten is a ministry jointly set up by both The Bible Church and Mt Carmel BP Church since 1985. We are thankful to God’s faithfulness and His blessings on this kindergarten ministry for the past 37 years.

Donate your preloved furniture, kitchen appliances or computer devices to our adopted needy families.


If you do have items that you would like to donate please click the LINK here.

Dark Green Paper Structures


St Luke's Elder Care

Wooden Cars



Box of Tissue


Other Marginalised Communities

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