Join or attend a CG

(at least 75% attendance) 


Be a part of a CARE Group (CG) by: (a) attending CG meetings, (b) connecting with fellow members during and outside of CG meetings, and (c) building authentic discipling relationships in the CG. 


CG is a key platform for disciple-making. As a follower of Jesus Christ, we are called to be disciples and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Disciples are best nurtured through relationships in small groups where meaningful and genuine relationships are cultivated. The purpose of ‘75% attendance’ as a goal is to give sufficient time and opportunity to build deeper relationships in the CG.  


Any time from Jan to Dec 2021.


  1. Attend every CG meeting as much as possible (at least 75% attendance). 

  2. In addition, seek to meet up with one person/ couple in the CG at least once a month outside of the CG meeting for fellowship.


Remember that the spirit of the goal is genuine connection. Meaningful connection can only be achieved through commitment. 


For those who are new to CGs, here’s how to begin:

A. Visit. Approach any CG Overseers (CGO) or contact the Church Office to begin. Consider the types of CGs that you are interested in joining. Then, commit to attend at least 3 consecutive meetings with the same CG before deciding to visit another CG if needed. The types of CG include:

    a) Young Adult (age 19-35)

    b) Mid-Life (age 35 – 55)

    c) Senior (age 55 and above)

    d) Mixed group (any age)


B. Commit. Give yourself a maximum 3 months to visit any number of CGs. It is good to eventually settle down in one of the CGs and grow deeper with the community. 

There is no perfect CG. We believe God will lead you to a group where you can grow, contribute, and make a difference in God’s kingdom!


Please contact Asst Ps Lai Keet Keong ( .