Start/continue a family worship

for 8 weeks


Gather your family to worship, read the Bible and pray together once a week, for 8 weeks.


Doing family worship together helps our children (and ourselves) to grow spiritually. These weekly times together are also an important means of building closer relationships within the family.


Once a week, gather your family to worship together for 20-30mins. This could be on a Saturday or Sunday, at a convenient time for the whole family. Do this for eight continuous weeks, if possible.


  1. Choose a regular place in your home with as few distractions as possible and put away all electronic devices.

  2. Open with a word of prayer or reading a short passage from Psalms (Call to worship).

  3. Choose one or two worship songs to sing together. If any family member knows how to play the piano or guitar or other instruments, encourage them to play for worship.

  4. Choose a Bible passage to read and discuss.

  5. End with a time of prayer. Give your children an opportunity to share prayer requests and then make it a point to pray for them. As parents, you may like to share some prayer pointers e.g. for church, country, current affairs to pray for.


For tips on family devotion, please see Appendix E.

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