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6. 2003 Guys Batch
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7. 2005 Girls Batch
4. 2002 Girls Batch
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To know God intimately and make Him known, pressing on as a still imperfect youth community

to become more like Him.


People know us as Teenacity (Tee-neh-see-tee), but we are really just a bunch of ordinary young people (between 12-18 years old) brought together by an extraordinary relationship with Jesus.



You will find us gathering weekly on Saturdays (for Youth Service) to sing songs together, listen to talks about the Christian faith and youth related topics, and then share our lives with one another in small groups (called Discipleship Groups – DGs). All these help us to know Jesus better and follow His example in being real, compassionate and hopeful in a world full of doubt, fear and pain. So join us and let us show you how ordinary youths can live an extraordinary life!


We also grow closer together as a youth community through fun activities or events such as Rolling Good Times (sports, tele-matches, games, etc…), DG outings (rock climbing, cycling, picnics, potluck, etc…), and the annual Youth Camp in December.


If you are new to us and would like to know more about the Christian faith, we would like to encourage you to take part in our Discovery Group sessions or join the Youth Alpha course, where you will have time to ask any questions about the Christian faith.


If you are interested to visit or join us, please contact Patrick Chan Yin for more information.

INTERESTED  to serve in this ministry



12-18 years old



Saturday Service  


DG Group Meeting








Patrick Chan Yin