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Whether you are new to Bible Church or have been worshipping with us for some time, we welcome you to our CARE Group (CG) community. This is where we meet in smaller groups of 10-15 for fellowship, prayer, support, encouragement and accountability, and the study of God’s Word. 


We want to help you get connected with one another and with the church family. No CG is alike, and there are CGs for all stages of life. 

What do we do?


CARE groups usually comprise of 10-15 people meeting weekly or fortnightly for worship, Bible study, sharing and prayer. The main aim is to promote community and care, mutual support, encouragement and accountability for the goal of Christian discipleship.


C.A.R.E. stands for

Community & Care, 

Adoration in worship & prayer, 

Renewal in spiritual life Bible study and devotions, and 

Engagement in service & outreach.

If you are interested to join/visit a CARE group, please email

Who we are?


Our CGs are categorized generally by life stages. They are:

  1. Young Adults (~below 35),

  2. Mid-life (~35-55) or

  3. Seniors (~above 55).

  4. Couples (~25-40)

  5. Mixed Groups (span across ages)

Connect with us!

Resources for CGs


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CG Overseer: Assistant Pastor Timothy Lee

CG Overseer: Assistant Pastor Lai Keet Keong

CG Overseer: Ms Lilian Poon

CG Overseer: Pastor Lim Wei-en

CG Overseer: Mr Daniel Eu

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