There are certain times in our lives, when we can feel stuck or unable to cope. If you’re in a season of needing some extra support, we would love to pray with you and journey with you through your struggles and difficulties. 


The Lay Counselling ministry in Bible Church is here to serve those who are in the midst of challenges and personal struggles. Trained counsellors are available to help with pastoral care and short-term counselling for men and women of all ages including TBC members, regular attendees and those seeking Christian counsel.


“For months I had thought that I could handle all the issues raging in my life but finally the weight was too heavy to bear. It affected my sleep, my appetite, my social life… Going for counselling is not a sign of weakness but a resolve to take charge and be responsible for my life - to address and process challenging issues in my life with someone who is neutral and

trained to do so.”

—  Anonymous, in her late 50s


If you are unable or uncomfortable with committing to an actual, in-person session, or require immediate attention, please consider a phone call or an online helpline instead.



A helpline for women 

Call 1800-774 5935


Fei Yue
eCounselling Centre

An online counselling channel for youths 

Visit or, or email


Singapore Association for
Mental Health (SAMH)

A helpline for all mental health-related help

Call 1800-283 7019  


Care Corner
Counselling Centre

A Mandarin counselling helpline

Call 1800-353 5800 


Samaritans of Singapore

A suicide prevention helpline

Call 1800–221 4444

(24 hours) 


Tinkle Friend helpline
(by Singapore Children’s Society)

A helpline and chat-line for primary school children

Call 1800–274 4788 (Mon to Fri, 2.30pm to 5pm) or chat online at