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There are certain times in our lives when we feel stuck or unable to cope. If you are going through a season of challenges and need emotional support, the Lay Counselling Ministry in the Bible Church would love to pray and journey with you through your struggles and difficulties.


Trained counsellors are available to help with pastoral care and short-term counselling for children, youth and adults, including TBC members, regular attendees and those seeking Christian counsel.

  • What areas do we cover?
    We have trained counsellors to assist individuals and families in the areas of stress, anxiety, grief/bereavement, depression, loneliness, confusion, guilt, emotional distress, interpersonal relationships, marital problems, parenting issues, behavioural issues in children, workplace problems, anger management and low self-esteem. All conversations will be kept confidential. Areas that are better managed by medical professionals include suicide and self-harm, abuse and violence, personality disorders and psychosis.
  • Who are we?
    We are a team of 1 full-time church staff, 1 trained clinical counsellor and a small group of trained lay counsellors with the desire to help clients from all walks of life to rediscover balance and strength to go on with their lives.
  • How much does it cost?
    There is a nominal fee per session and all proceeds will go to the church as our lay counsellors volunteer their time to offer counselling to the community.
  • How many sessions are needed and what is the duration?
    Counselling is not a quick-fix solution, and we find that generally it takes 6-10 sessions to process the emotional issues and challenges you are going through before you see some improvement. Each session usually lasts for an hour.
  • Where will the counselling take place?
    Sessions are held at The Bible Church from Monday to Saturday. Timings are subject to our counsellors’ availability.


Play Therapy

"My 6 year old daughter benefited greatly from Play Therapy. She enjoyed and looked forward to her weekly sessions. She used to have very big outbursts. I saw that her temperament mellowed down over the course and she could articulate her feelings better. She is now able to better exercise self-control and will walk away from triggering situations to calm herself down. Although the therapy does not explicitly teach the techniques, she was able to figure all these out through play. Many thanks to Janet for helping her through this in an enjoyable manner. "

—  Mother of 6 year old girl 


If you are unable or uncomfortable with committing to an actual, in-person session, or require immediate attention, please consider a phone call or an online helpline instead.



A helpline for women 

Call 1800-774 5935


Fei Yue
eCounselling Centre

An online counselling channel for youths 

Visit or, or email


Singapore Association for
Mental Health (SAMH)

A helpline for all mental health-related help

Call 1800-283 7019  


Care Corner
Counselling Centre

A Mandarin counselling helpline

Call 1800-353 5800 


Samaritans of Singapore

A suicide prevention helpline

Call 1800–221 4444

(24 hours) 


Tinkle Friend helpline
(by Singapore Children’s Society)

A helpline and chat-line for primary school children

Call 1800–274 4788 (Mon to Fri, 2.30pm to 5pm) or chat online at

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