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Mutual Care

  • The general care and concern a member has for another; church to promote a culture of care, especially within small groups and through the pulpit

  • Examples of mutual care include encouragement, accountability and prayer in Care and Mentoring Groups, visitation, post-service prayer time.

Crisis Care

  • The appropriate and adequate physical (practical), emotional and spiritual care given to members in specific situations such as ...

    • A new birth or job loss (retrenchment)

    • A serious/chronic illness or bereavement (includes practical help)

    • Grief counselling over any kind of loss

    • Marital or family crisis (infidelity, teen pregnancy, runaway, running foul with the law, etc.)

Professional Care

  • Counselling given by specially trained professionals who are qualified to provide services such as marriage mediation, major depression and suicidal tendencies, personality disorders, sexual dysfunctions, addictions and counselling for various emotional and psychological challenges.

  • In such situations, the average pastoral team is not able to handle due to the expertise as well as time and emotional investment needed

  • Referrals to and cooperation with professional counselling services will be considered. Church to establish good relationships with a network of agencies that provides quality counselling based on Christian principles.

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