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Christian Education

(Bible Church Training Institute)


The BCTI is an adult learning and skills training programme geared towards providing relevant, sound and stimulating Christian education for adults, to facilitate the development of Christian character and maturity and to equip them for the ministry and mission of the church.


It consists of four schools, viz., the School of Discipleship (SOD), School of Ministry (SOM), School of Continuing Education (SCE), and the School of Leadership (SOL).


There are 2 courses offered in the School of Discipleship (SOD):


1)  Being Disciples course

This course is designed to help new believers of Christ by introducing them to the foundations of their Christian faith and giving them practical knowledge and skills needed for a journey of lifelong discipleship. This course covers three major themes: Salvation, Maturity and Scripture.


Each module consists of 8-10 weekly sessions, and topics include: How to read the Bible every day, an overview of the Old and New Testaments, personal Bible study skills, salvation and the finished work of Christ, growth in the context of community, Christian stewardship, how to be a witness at home and at work, etc.


The sessions take place on a weekday evening from 7.30 - 9.30 pm.


Pastor-in-charge: Pastor Lim Wei-en


2)  Making Disciples course

This course seeks to equip participants with knowledge and skills of helping others grow as disciples of Jesus. Topics include: discipleship essentials and foundations, stages of maturity and practical skills of how to make disciples, facilitating one-on-one Bible Reading and other Bible study methods, the art of listening and journeying with others.

Pastor-in-charge: Pastor Lim Wei-en



The School of Ministry (SOM) aims to equip maturing believers to serve effectively and growing through their service, especially through a deeper understanding of their identity in Christ and their unique personality, gifts and inclinations. Topics include: Being a spiritually healthy leader, cultivating good habits or disciplines for the long haul.


The SOM involves teaching and training sessions on three Saturday mornings, other on-the-job ministry exposure, and small group mentoring.


Pastor-in-charge: Pastor Lim Wei-en



The BCTI School of Continuing Education (SCE) seeks to provide a comprehensive platform for continuing learning and growth for adult disciples. Courses lasting from 2-6 sessions are offered every 3 months for each of the following areas:

  • Biblical Studies (Old & New Testaments)

  • Pulpit-related Topics & Studies

  • Christian Theology & Church History

  • Contemporary & Inter-disciplinary Studies


These courses are led by pastoral staff as well as marketplace leaders who are educated and experienced in these subjects or areas. Specific modules will be advertised via the Church’s weekly bulletin and e-flyers.


In particular, a Foundations series is designed to help maturing believers to gain a clear understanding of God’s Word in a succinct and yet comprehensive way. Two courses of 7-8 weeks each are offered each year, over 7 years, and will cover the whole Bible as well as key doctrines.

Pastor-in-charge: Pastor Lim Wei-en



The School of Leadership (SOL) aims to equip leaders to lead well. Through structured programs and informal conversations and coaching, existing and emerging leaders are encouraged to grow in their leadership convictions and competence.

Pastors-in-charge: Pastor Beh Soo Yeong & Pastor Lee Kok Wah

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