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Godly and healthy relationships in the family are important for life, Christian living and the welfare of society. Through the Family Life Ministry, the church desires to build strong and healthy marriages that will last a life time, and for couples to raise godly families so that a rich legacy of faith and love can be passed on from one generation to another. We are committed to cultivating a family culture that is characterized by loving relationships with our parents, spouses, siblings and children.


To this end, we offer training in the following four areas: marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, Christian parenting and marital counselling. The following are conducted regularly:








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This course prepares courting and engaged couples for marriage. Over six sessions, couples will learn how to develop a strong foundation as well as with the “pillars” of marriage (communication, conflict resolution, financial prudence, sexual intimacy, etc.).

 MARRIAGE enrichment classes, workshops & retreat

These are conducted over several days or over the weekends overseas, which give couples new and refreshing insights and the necessary tools to build strong, healthy and lasting marriages. They are more practical in nature and process-oriented.


These are designed to assist parents to raise godly children and teens. They seek to uncover the common or critical issues faced by parents and their children such as knowing the dynamics and styles of parenting, building a child’s sense of identity (self-esteem) through love and encouragement, discipline of behaviour and academic studies.


Complementing the Marriage courses and seminars, marriage mentors and counsellors also uses the Prepare & Enrich diagnostic tool to explore the relationship strengths and growth areas of couples. This is for the purpose of helping couples deal with the unique challenges and struggles that they face and in so doing, to strengthen their marriage and make it more resilient.