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Godly and healthy relationships in the family are important for life, Christian living and the welfare of society. Through the Family Life Ministry, the church desires to build strong and healthy marriages that will last a life time, and for couples to raise godly families so that a rich legacy of faith and love can be passed on from one generation to another. We are committed to cultivating a family culture that is characterized by loving relationships with our parents, spouses, siblings and children.


To this end, we offer training in the following four areas: marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, Christian parenting and marital counselling. The following are conducted regularly:








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The Pre-Marriage Course (TPMC)

provides couples (in courtship or a steady relationship) Christian principles and practical handles to build strong and healthy marriages. Over 5 sessions, couples will learn the critical importance of commitment and other pillars of marriage, as well as how to make a marriage work.

These are conducted over several days or over the weekends overseas, which give couples new and refreshing insights and the necessary tools to build strong, healthy and lasting marriages. They are more practical in nature and process-oriented.

I’m Dating and
Getting Married

 MARRIAGE enrichment
classes, workshops
& retreat


Complementing the Marriage courses and seminars, marriage mentors and counsellors also uses the Prepare & Enrich diagnostic tool to explore the relationship strengths and growth areas of couples. This is for the purpose of helping couples deal with the unique challenges and struggles that they face and in so doing, to strengthen their marriage and make it more resilient.

(Currently, the marriage counselling and mentoring are open to members and regular worshippers of The Bible Church.)

For Parents


Parenting Courses are designed to assist parents to raise godly children and teens. They seek to uncover the common or critical issues faced by parents and their children such as knowing the dynamics and styles of parenting, building a child’s sense of identity (self-esteem) through love and encouragement, discipline of behaviour and academic studies.

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I’m Dating and Getting Married 

The Pre-Marriage Course (TPMC) provides couples (in courtship or a steady relationship) Christian principles and practical handles to build strong and healthy marriages. Over 5 sessions, couples will learn the critical importance of commitment and other pillars of marriage, as well as how to make a marriage work. These include:


• Learning to recognise and appreciate each other’s differences (gender and personality)

• Skills necessary for relationships to grow (how to listen, express feelings and resolve conflicts) and how to make each other feel loved and respected

• Developing emotional and sexual intimacy (in marriage)

• Sharing life's journey through goals, values and dreams


The course is designed so that couples will have ample opportunities to discuss and dialogue, as a couple, on critical issues regarding marriage, with the couple’s privacy respected. This course is compulsory for members who are planning to have their marriage solemnized by the Church, and is also suitable for pre-Christians. Your friends are welcome to join the course.


Every couple who has completed the TMPC with us will be paired with a marriage counsellor for at least 4 sessions to go through the Prepare and Enrich assessment tool (USD35 per couple) as well as a marriage mentor couple to walk with them through the first year of marriage. 


It is advisable to attend the course at least one year before getting married.

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  • What areas do we cover?
    We have trained counsellors to assist individuals and families in the areas of stress, anxiety, grief/bereavement, depression, loneliness, confusion, guilt, emotional distress, interpersonal relationships, marital problems, parenting issues, behavioural issues in children, workplace problems, anger management and low self-esteem. All conversations will be kept confidential. Areas that are better managed by medical professionals include suicide and self-harm, abuse and violence, personality disorders and psychosis.
  • Who are we?
    We are a team of 1 full-time church staff, 1 trained clinical counsellor and a small group of trained lay counsellors with the desire to help clients from all walks of life to rediscover balance and strength to go on with their lives.
  • How much does it cost?
    There is a nominal fee per session and all proceeds will go to the church as our lay counsellors volunteer their time to offer counselling to the community.
  • How many sessions are needed and what is the duration?
    Counselling is not a quick-fix solution, and we find that generally it takes 6-10 sessions to process the emotional issues and challenges you are going through before you see some improvement. Each session usually lasts for an hour.
  • Where will the counselling take place?
    Sessions are held at The Bible Church from Monday to Saturday. Timings are subject to our counsellors’ availability.
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I’m a parent of children aged 0 – 10

The Parenting Children Course is a video-based course designed to equip those parenting and caring for 0 to 10-year-olds, and parents-to-be, with long-term strategies to build a healthy family life. Over five sessions, the course will help you to:

∙ Build strong foundations

∙ Meet your children's needs

∙ Set clear boundaries

∙ Teach healthy relationships

∙ Consider your long-term aim


Each 2-hour session will be facilitated by one of the pastoral staff or an experienced parent.


This course is compulsory/mandatory for parents who want to offer their children for dedication.  Parents with young children are strongly encouraged to join us for this informative and engaging course!

Children Dedication

Psalm 127:3 “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.”

Infant dedication is for children 5 years and below. Both parents must be Christians, and both are required to attend or have attended the Parenting Children Course.  Both parents must be present at the Infant Dedication Service.  Parents who are not members of the church may be required to attend an interview.

I’m a parent of teenagers.

It is no bargain having a teen in your home – it is one of the toughest, yet most important jobs out there. We understand your fears and struggles. And so, here’s a series of talks to help us navigate the troubling and confused terrain of a teen’s world so that we can effectively and compassionately engage them in a meaningful way.


Using the Alpha Parenting Teens program, we will be dealing with the following topics and issues: Keeping the End in Mind, Meeting our Teenagers’ Needs, Setting Boundaries, Developing Emotional Health, and Helping Them Make Good Choices.

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