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Christmas Cards

        Small Group Christmas Outreach Party      

Local Outreach

We are called to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our words and action individually and as a community.  Therefore a wholistic approach is effective in Christian witnessing of the church.

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Personal Outreach

“To awaken a gospel-sharing culture in every disciple”

  • To help every member of The Bible Church embrace sharing the gospel as part of our Christian DNA and lifestyle

  • To train and equip every member to share the gospel whenever the opportunity arises

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The aim of the Good Neighbours Initiative is to bring the love of Jesus to the last, lost and least in our community and beyond. Through this Initiative, we seek to (i) show love to neighbours in need through intentional practical help; and (ii) live out the gospel through our acts of service and love (be the hands and feet of Jesus).


The Good Neighbours Initiative officially launched in October 2021, with the first wave of efforts continuing till end-December 2021.


The generosity and participation of the church had been very encouraging. Each step of the way, we saw God’s hand leading us and providing for us - even in ways we did not imagine. One thing we are extremely grateful for is how He has raised up a ministry team of like-minded individuals who have put their hands to the plough in the GN events which you have seen throughout 2022. Some have even risen up to to anchor our longer-term monthly connection events with the migrant brothers and at-risk teenage girls.

In our local community


Clementi Wood Kindergarten

St Luke's ElderCare

West Coast Market Hawkers

New Blocks*

(Clementi Peak)

In the larger society

Migrant Brothers



At risk Teen Girls

(Gladiolus Place)

New marginalised community* in 2023


A- Neighbour


(with the church)


A- Family

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