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Local & Overseas

The Church is God's agent to carry out His Mission on earth. Since the beginning of time, back in the Old Testament, God's heart for all the nations had been evident in the pages of Scriptures. Most of God's people today are recipients of God's grace and salvation extended to the Gentiles. We became Abraham's descendants. We shared in God's promise and blessing to Abraham. We also shared in God's call to Abraham to be a blessing to the nations, beginning from Jerusalem to  Judea, then Samaria and also to the ends of the earth .


Church, let us ARISE and be God's hand and feet to touch and reach the lost. Let us be the SALT of the earth and LIGHT of the world in the community He had placed us in. 

Personal Outreach

Good Neighbours 

(formerly known as Communty Outreach)

I want to 

Local outreach

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