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Lent is a season of 40 Days, beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on Good Friday, during which Christians prepare themselves to commemorate and celebrate the pivotal events of Holy Weekend.


This Lent, we are embarking on a 40 Day Prayer Challenge, aimed at encouraging us to be devoted to prayer during the Lent season, both at a personal and corporate level.

The 40 Day Prayer Challenge consists of three tasks:

5 Minutes a day


Spend at least 5 minutes each day during Lent in prayer (using a prayer journal as an aid)

20 Minutes a week

with 1-2 others

Spend at least 20 minutes each week during Lent in prayer with 1 or 2 others (from your family, your CG, or your circle of friends)

Attend 1 out of 5 prayer meetings

Attend at least 1 of 5 church prayer meetings held nightly from 10-14 April during the Passion Week.

Holy Week Prayer Meetings

As part of this challenge, we invite you to join us for our Holy Week prayer meetings, held nightly from Sunday to Thursday, 10-14 April. Through these meetings, we will follow Jesus in the final days leading to his crucifixion.

Palm Sunday

10 Apr (8 – 9pm)

Luke 19:35-38



Prayer Leader:

Asst Ps Lai Keet Keong 

Holy Wednesday
13 Apr (8 – 9pm)



Prayer Leader:

Ps Lee Kok Wah

Holy Monday
11 Apr (8 – 9pm)

Luke 19:45-48


Prayer Leader:

Ps Lim Wei-en

Maundy Thursday
14 Apr (8 – 9.30pm)*

Luke 22:39-46

Seeking God's Will

Prayer Leader:

Timothy Lee/ Anthony Chok

Holy Tuesday
12 Apr (8 – 9pm)

Luke 21:5-33


Prayer Leader:

Elder Lynette

*Please note that the Maundy Thursday Prayer Meeting will be a bilingual event, held both onsite in CBC and online over Zoom. The meeting will start with Holy Communion, devotion, and personal reflection. And it will end with a time of small group prayer, in which groups may choose to pray in Clementi Woods (“the Garden of Gethsemane”), weather permitting, or in the sanctuary.


The Zoom details for the Holy Week Prayer meetings are as follows:

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 889 7622 2458

Passcode: HWPray


Let us follow Jesus to pray!

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Image by Juja Han

Weekly Prayer Podcast

Holy Week Prayer on ZOOM

For those who would like to pray with others in this season, we are organizing weekly prayer sessions during lunchtime on Thursdays over Zoom. The zoom prayer sessions will be held on 10, 17, 24, 31 March, 7 and 14 April, 12.00-12.45pm. Zoom details are as follows:

Meeting ID: 835 1828 7137

Passcode: LunchPray

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Prayer Journal


Download XODO PDF editor so that you can easily annotate and write down your thoughts on the move.

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