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5 July 2020 (Pastoral Page) ELECTION FEVER

By Elder Tan Chin Tiong

From statistics of body counts to virus-infected community clusters, we are now overwhelmed with who will be standing for which constituency and what promises each candidate hopes to deliver if elected. Different political parties are going all out to win the hearts of voters come 10th July. Yes, the focus on Covid-19 fever is now temporarily changed to Election Fever.

As Christians, we cannot help but also be drawn into talking politics since the parliament was dissolved and the conversation around this topic will get more intense as the polling date draws near. As Christians, how should we view this exercise?

Firstly, we are called to be a good citizen on earth and in heaven. Being a responsible citizen, we are given the heavy responsibility to cast our votes for the right political candidate/party within the framework of a fair and just political environment.

Secondly, we have a moral obligation to exercise our vote responsibly. We do so by making effort to assess each candidate or party in the light of the following considerations, alongside their electoral promises, when deciding who to elect to government.

Does the candidate/party:

  1. Encourage freedom of religion, not hinder or prohibit it?

  2. Protect and support the sanctity of marriages and family life?

  3. Value human life from conception till death?

  4. Place a value on justice and fairness to all, regardless of race, language or religion?

  5. Take special effort to care for the elderly, weak, poor, under-privileged, and those with special needs?

  6. Stress personal and political integrity?

  7. Encourage personal responsibility for one’s life?

  8. Promote the interests of the nation and care for the people above party agenda and selfish gains?

  9. Have a reasonable representation of Christians who will act as the moral compass when tough decisions need to be made that will impact the moral fabric of the nation?

  10. Have the maturity and experience in implementing local and foreign policies that will ensure the long-term good of the people and the national security of the country?

Let us pray for peaceful elections that produce leaders who will act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God (Micah 6:8).

Do not just vote wisely. Vote prayerfully. As we do so, may God bless Singapore with a Competent, Clean and Caring government!

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