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Christmas with our Migrant Brothers II

by Heidi Leung
Hi Heidi, tell us a little about you!
Hi, I am Heidi from the '03 DG and I am currently a Year 1 nursing student at Ngee Ann Poly. I am currently serving in PA and WOAH of our church's youth ministry, Teenacity.

What does being a good neighbour mean to you?
A good neighbour is someone who shows kindness and helps those who live nearby. Reaching out and lending a helping hand to whoever needs it.

What prompted you to sign up for last December's migrant workers Christmas event?
I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get to know some of them! The small moments where our paths cross (e.g. seeing workers on the daily commute) always made me wonder about their life stories. Furthermore, I feel strongly against how some see migrant workers or minorities with tinted lenses. Hence, I hoped to be a friendly face to them during this event.

What was something that you took away from being a part of this event?
I really enjoyed my time there! I was gladly surprised by the availability of such recreation centres for our migrant brothers. These are places where they can gather, socialise with their friends and even buy daily necessities.

What would you say to a fellow church member who is on the fence about being involved?
Firstly, pray to God about it- ask for his guidance and speak to Him about any doubts you may have.
Next, maybe ask and clarify your doubts with people who have met or worked with migrant workers before.
And lastly, have the courage to try at least once! Because who knows, you might enjoy it (# no regrets). Grab a friend or two if you are afraid to take the first step. Going with a team helped me take my first step as well.

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