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By Lim Beng Guat

I looked up my “God At Work” testimony, published in The Bible Church bulletin on 6/7 November 2021 entitled “In His Time, In His Hands.” And today, I will say the same thing as I did then: “My book, when committed into His Hands, will be accomplished in His Time.”


When I first embarked on my writing project, I wanted to document my senior ministry experiences in the Sunset Eldercare Industry in print and in so doing, to leave behind a legacy. So, I started writing as though I was writing a composition. It turned out to be an exceedingly long composition indeed!


My journey as an author was not without challenges. Firstly, two publishers rejected my script. But God brought along a third publisher who provided all the help I needed. Secondly, I had a two month long mental block along the way, and I wanted to give up. So, I asked the Lord to see me through and I waited and waited for the Lord to intervene. At one point, I suddenly realised that the Lord was with me all this while, and it was I who had been refusing the Lord’s help. I decided that I should be responsible to God and resumed writing. I had a two-year contract with the publisher, and I managed to finish authoring the book six months ahead of the end of the contract. I learnt that if I am serious in authoring a book, God is just as serious to help me through. So, never give up. For every disappointment we face, God will always place another appointment before our face.


In July 2022, my book “Beyond the Sunset: Paving the Path with End-of-Life Support & Dementia Care so All Can Have Peace” (BTS for short), was launched. Friends have asked me since then, “how many books have you sold?” But I would rather friends ask me “how many people have been blessed by BTS?” And my answer would be, “Honestly, I do not know. Only God has the records.” BTS is for the readers, the readers are not for BTS. God had to make sure that I got my priority in order. Right from the start, I knew that this book project would not be a business investment but a ministry & people investment, fuelled by faith and lots of hard work.


Moving forward, since I am now a Certified Trainer, I will be conducting an intensive DIY workshop on “Paving the Path, with non-pharmacological approaches and activities, for Eldercare, Dementia & Palliative Care support.” With every book purchased @ $30/-, you can attend the above-mentioned workshop for free. This offer is also for those who already have a copy of BTS. 


I am also looking for volunteer hosts to provide the logistical support necessary for a group of not more than thirty persons for each workshop as there will be group discussions, role-plays, self-reflection exercises and a session on how to manage “Behavioural Concerns” by analysing behaviour patterns & providing an individualised care/intervention plan for your loved ones. Please kindly WhatsApp me @ 98563202 for further information if you are keen and available to host the workshop.


On 24 March 2024, I received a Certificate of Commendation for an Award by Through the Golden Door Foundation ( A comment made by one of the judges, during the selection interview, was that “BTS was so well written for a very difficult topic.” This was indeed a very encouraging & motivational affirmation for me. Thank you for all your prayer and support.


Before I was even shortlisted for the award, I had already started to author another book, “Beyond the Sunset 2: Paving the Path with Effective Communication and Enthusiastic Compassion so All Can Have Peace” (BTS2). BTS2 will be published by year-end 2024, God-willing, together with the (already translated) Simplified and Traditional Chinese Versions of BTS.


“Do not count your days but make your days count.” Let’s jolly on in life, living in peace with God, with yourself & with others, till we eventually travel to Beyond the Sunset.

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